About David Peters

David Peters in the belly of the beast during an air to air photo shoot from from the B-25 Mitchell bomber, "Heavenly Body".

Welcome to the work and art of David Peters.  

Spanning over 3 decades of art and adventure, David is a renaissance man who is just as comfortable crammed into the noisy confines of a 68 year old warbird as he is photographing a delicate cactus flower blooming in the in the middle of the night.  Whether designing and illustrating a visual concept for publication or hanging out of the "bull's nose" of an aircraft carrier watching dolphins dance the bow wave or photographing unlimited air racers rounding  pylons at 500 MPH, he will do anything for a story. This modern day Walter Mitty is always searching for his next adventure.


An accomplished illustrator, David's inner aviation geek soared at the opportunity to design 6 posters for the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada.  His illustration work has  found it's way onto album and magazine covers, feature spreads and spot illustrations, television graphics, animation, greeting cards, books, calendars and licensed products.  


David has covered many events for publication as a photographer and his eye and imagination captures what he sees in ways that thrill and inspire. David thrives when directing his lens at a unique variety of subjects. From the Rolling Stones to documenting Navy flight ops in the Persian Gulf to capturing delicate flora, Peters' excels at framing these moments with his uncommon perspective. 

Ice fishing for a story, temp is 15º bringing new meaning to the term "fresh frozen".

Ice fishing for a story, temp is 15º bringing new meaning to the term "fresh frozen".


As a writer Peters' can tell a story that communicates an experience, whether it is an adventure, a place traveled to, or a moment lost in time, he does it with a particular excitement an exuberance that takes you there. 


David's three dimensional assemblage sculptures are whimsical reconfiguring's of "found objects", a re-purposing of ideas if you may, evoking something completely new and different. As a pilot and aircraft restorer with a fascination for detail and vintage aircraft in particular, it's no wonder that he has created an entire series of aviation inspired tea pots. 

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy discovering for yourself the unique vision of this fascinating illustrator, photographer, writer and artist. 

Operators are standing by!  David is ready to assist you with any project where unique images and story are needed!  

Get in touch at dpetersart@aol.com



Cruising off shore Malibu - Pt Dume in a 1950 Ryan Navion L-17

Cruising off shore Malibu - Pt Dume in a 1950 Ryan Navion L-17